Memory Dept. was born from an observation made by founder Steph Barnard made while implementing a complex business process management system at her company. As the company’s “go-to” person for questions about the myriad back-office tools they use, Steph was tapped to build workflows, write documentation, and train her fellow employees (while expecting - and dreading - resistance from them about the new processes themselves). She loved doing this work, but it took time away from her “real” job as a business analyst, and no one else on her team had much time to help her out.

Steph realized that unless you can afford a robust operations team fully dedicated to internal project management, those “someday” initiatives - finding a new support ticketing system, training employees to process email more efficiently, updating the product documentation - might never happen. And if you don’t have that, then you need Memory Dept.

We research, recommend, and implement new tools and processes to help your team run more smoothly - but we’ll also make sure that every step of your project is documented, from the big decisions made at the beginning of the process to the training manuals for end users. Positive user adoption is driven by understanding not only what they’re being asked to do, but why - and the why is derived from those thoughtful decisions we help you make. They’re a crucial part of your institutional memory.