Below are just a few examples of Memory Dept.’s service offerings. Basically, we’re here to help fill in when you need an extra pair of hands - or a neutral second opinion - in implementing new business processes, software, and/or paradigm shifts.

What we are: People who are passionate about using technology to get more done. We believe in your people, even (especially!) the ones who claim they’re “not tech-savvy” and could never possibly learn a new process or tool. You’re the expert on your business; we’re the experts in activating your team’s potential. Think of us as a project manager for project managers.

What we’re not: Generic “efficiency consultants” who recommend staffing reductions or insist that you’re “doing it wrong.” IT professionals (we can’t troubleshoot your network problems or develop a custom software program for you, sorry!). A marketing/branding agency.

What we offer:

  • Project Management Consulting: You know you need a better system to keep projects organized, but you don’t have time to research solutions and implement the right one for your team. That’s where we come in. Memory Dept. can help you select, set up, and train users on just about any of the many tools out there designed to manage projects, processes, and people.

  • Digital Management: We can organize your filesharing system, migrate customer data to your new CRM, create workflows for support ticketing, and more — all those pesky back-office tasks that take time away from your day-to-day work.

  • Operational Documentation: Get your SOPs written down. Organize your database of common RFP responses. Finally revise that outdated employee handbook. We’ll take you from “I’ll get around to it someday” to “DONE!”

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